La Rose Performance Horses

2017 Prices


Training (monthly)                                                  $950.00

 - Full training includes board and 2 lessons, light, fan & oil supplement

Board (monthly)                                                     $750.00

Board (daily)                                                          $30

Lessons                                                                 $65

Arena Rental                                                         $100/hour/per horse discounts for 5+horses

Hauling per mile ($75 minimum charge)               $ .85/mile

Show Day Charge at Weekend Shows                 $50.00

Show Day Charge at Major Shows                       $25.00

Banding                                                                 $20.00

Blacksmith                                                             Billed accordingly

Veterinarian                                                           Directly from Veterinarian accordingly

Deworming                                                            Billed accordingly

Adequan                                                                $65.00

Complete Coat Care                                              $100

 -includes, light on timer, fan, corn oil & daily grooming (currying/pick hooves)

Lights/fans                                                              $30/each

Corn Oil                                                                   $15

Grooming                                                                $45

 - if your horse is in need of a bath, tail detangled, brushing etc.


- A major show is any horse show that is over five days. An additional charge of $75 each day is charged for each day the horse is shown.  This is regardless of how much prep time the client does themselves. Clients that haul their own horses will be charged a double day fee at horse shows.