La Rose Performance Horses

2017 Prices


Training (monthly)                                                  $950.00

 - Full training includes board and 2 lessons, light, fan & oil supplement

Board (monthly)                                                     $750.00

​ - multiple horse discount $50 off per horse

Board (daily)                                                          $30

Lessons                                                                 $65 (no lessons offered to the public)

​Haul-In lesson                                                       $85 

Arena Rental                                                         $100/hour/per horse discounts for 5+horses

Blacksmith                                                             Billed accordingly

Veterinarian                                                           Directly from Veterinarian accordingly

Deworming                                                            Billed accordingly

Adequan                                                                $65.00

Complete Coat Care                                              $100/monthly

 -includes, light on timer, fan, corn oil & daily grooming (currying/pick hooves)

Lights/fans                                                              $30/each/monthly

Corn Oil                                                                   $15/monthly

Grooming                                                                $45

 - if your horse is in need of a bath, tail detangled, brushing etc.